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Health Care Services

  • Family and Internal Medicine

    Your family is very important to you, and we will help take of care. We will provide flu shots and other types of immunizations, while providing specialized care for diabetes and arthritis. We also provide Weight Loss and Women Wellness services.

  • Occupational Medicine

    Whether you need physicals for your job or school, physicals for immigration services, treatment with on-the-job injuries, drug screening, we will be with you every step of the way. We are proud of our reputation as a DOT Certified Collector.

  • Urgent Care

    If you need help now, we will help you NOW, not after a long waiting period. We will provide acute care assistance and treat minor injuries.

  • Travel Shots

    Whether you want to travel to see your family back home, or to go on an Umrah/Hajj, we can provide all the vaccinations you need to allow you to travel safely. Please come to the clinic to learn what shots you need and the price for all these shots.

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